Snake Charmer

Demand quality. Not just in the products you buy, but in the life of the person who made it
— Orsola de Castro (co-founder of Fashion Revolution Day)

Yu Ning founded Snake Charmer for women who like her want to dress responsibly without compromising their unique style, love of colour and high standards for the perfect fit. With 18 years living and working in NYC as a photographer she honed her skills as an artist as well as creating and growing into her personal style.

After returning to her home country Malaysia in 2015, she reconnected with her love of dressmaking when she started to help at her mother’s tailoring and alteration shop. Yu Ning has a passion to resurrect this forgotten craft by encouraging her customers to appreciate custom made pieces that have been created with delicate precision - hence Snake Charmer was born.

Did you know green is the new black?

We aim to design, source and make clothing in a way that benefits people, communities and has the least impact on our environment. Our goal is to counter the fast fashion industry by championing ethical fashion and creating sustainable livelihoods for those in our local community. All pieces are hand made in Malaysia with a focus on giving local dressmakers access to an environment that nurtures their creativity and dreams to live meaningful lives and connect them with the global consumer market. Wherever possible we use recycled fabrics and make conscious choices to minimize our waste whilst also being as energy efficient as possible. This means we do not take the easiest or cheapest path in our production process.

Our process starts by scouring for used fabrics that would normally be tossed aside as waste and making it into modern, luxurious statement pieces. Fabrics inspire the design and we love to experiment and combine geometry, texture and colour to create quirkiness and personality. Our designs are all unique, and with the production limited by the amount of fabric we are able to source, they are all truly one of a kind pieces. 


The Snake Charmer woman is a go getter. She’s playful with a rock n roll spirit. She has a sense of effortless chic that is underpinned by a feminine edgy vibe. It’s a ‘soft meets hard approach’ as the wearer walks with an open warmth towards the world and those around her. She has an unapologetic confidence because she earned it by living her life with mistakes, heartache, joy and love - she’s the friend, mentor, lover and kindred spirit that is our inner cheerleader.